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Supply Chain Strategy & Consulting

Business leaders agree that generating new revenue is far more costly and time consuming than reducing overhead, controlling expenditures and improving operations. Focusing such cost cutting and productivity efforts on the supply chain can dramatically impact your company’s bottom line — and that’s exactly what Prorizon has been doing for our clients since 1992.

“One of the major benefits of Prorizon's product is the ability of the system to track and measure a variety of KPIs to determine ROI and achieve superior customer satisfaction.”

Ken Hilderhoff,Vice President,
RGI Consulting
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Guided by our 4-pillar Business Process Methodology we call "Procurement Partnering", we’ve served Fortune 1000 companies in over 30 countries, achieving substantial return on investment typically within 12 months or less. The reason we’re so successful is simple: Our methodology works. We help our clients achieve measurable process improvements and meaningful economic returns—in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods

Procurement Partnering our 4-pillar Business Process Methodology

Feature 1


Electronic controls and expense monitoring must be centralized for domestic and global operations.

  • Expenses
  • Maverick Spending

Feature 2


Customizable "Process Alerts" along with complete audit trails help ensure tasks occur timely and are trackable.

  • Auditable
  • Responsive

Feature 3


Through user-defined dashboards, management will be able to see trends and details, at a macro or micro level, in any area of the business at any time. Views may be global, regional, within a specific country, location or even within a specific G/L account.

  • Macro View
  • Micro View
    • Global
    • Region
    • County
    • location
    • G&L Account

Feature 4


By unifying and integrating the purchasing and warehousing practices across multiple subsidiaries, regions and countries under one umbrella system, employee effectiveness and operational throughput increase dramatically.