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IT Outsourcers

Managing an IT Outsourcing account is incredibly challenging. Every new account is like merging with a new company. Each transition must be completed quickly and accurately to set the right foundation for the post-transition run & maintain activities.

Too often the transition group does not have the tools necessary to track progress and ensure replicable processes. This leads to a fuzzy hand off to the permanent account teams who jump in and immediately start playing catchup. It's not uncommon for it to take 1-3 years to work through the initial deficit.

Prorizon understands many of the IT Outsourcing challenges! Since 1999 we have supported large and small accounts in more than 30 countries. Prorizon developed an innovative SaaS "ERP-Light" system that can be implemented on Day1 of the transition. It's a plug and play infrastructure with an emphasis on Control, Accountability, Visibility and Standardization.

Our system contains components to support Procurement, Contracts, RFQ's, Receiving/Warehousing, Asset Control, Account Reconciliation and Budgeting. The benefits include an ROI in less than 12 months, recurring downstream value and seeks to maximize the investments made in existing core IT systems.

The design was built on a straightforward set of basic principles

  • Provide a robust system and services
    to meet current & future needs
  • Use only what they need
    and only pay for what they use
  • Easy to use
  • Available globally
  • Integrate into existing core systems
  • Plug-n-Play system components
    to build their optimum IT Outsourcing Ecosystem

The Result!

We deliver a customized hosted system implemented in as little as 30 – 90 days, providing our customers more control over processes than ever before, with a real ROI and tremendous capability at a fraction of the cost of building or buying a system or deploying their own in-house system.

For a service quote, contact us today at

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  • or at (770) 5791323!