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Prorizon is the global leader in managing indirect fulfillment for domestic and international organizations with high-volume commodity purchasing requirements. Whether operating in a single region or across the globe in multiple currencies, we provide the strategy, systems and support for the entire supply chain regardless of industry. Our track record includes astounding success with Fortune 1000 companies in more than 30 countries.

We've also worked with some of the world’s largest IT outsourcing organizations, including Computer Sciences Corp., Xerox and Atos, and we have a special understanding of their needs and challenges. Prorizon specializes in supporting outsourcers who manage onsite infrastructure or processes for their clients. We can dramatically improve their bottom line and minimize missed SLA’s while improving customer satisfaction.

Prorizon’s system covers the entire spectrum of items procured; giving a 360 degree view of their existence. From the moment an item is purchased, until it is disposed of, Prorizon tracks its status from requisition to order; tracking to receipt; warehousing to picking; installation to custody transfers; retirement to disposal. With 3-way accounting reconciliation and payment, you now will know everything about an expense, including its impact to your annual budget – all on real-time dashboards.

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“Several years ago, CSC signed an agreement to support UTC Carrier Mexico. This particular account had visibility at the highest levels of the CSC/UTC account and service excellence was essential. In less than a week from our kick-off date, Prorizon had their Procurement system and Specialists online and ready to assist. Granted this was only one country, however the pressure to perform was significant.

Overall, I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. The training took less than an hour for each department, the information was timely and the system made it painless to do our job. More importantly, the functionality more closely approximated our job requirements than any tool that we are using today at CSC. The combination of the system and personnel resources made auditing the progress of the PO's and asset tracking easy.”

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By offering a customized service model, our clients can use Prorizon in the way that suits them. Our goal is to bend the system around the way the customer needs to operate unlike other providers requiring the client to adapt operations to fit their systems.

Premier companies Prorizon supports:

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