Shift-Left Strategies

Experts agree that in order to reach the next level, IT Organizations need to “shift left”. Despite the acknowledgement, very few IT Organizations have achieved the goal of shifting work from expensive highly skilled employees to lower unskilled labor to reduce cost while increasing customer satisfaction.

Our Dynamic Service Engine can propel your IT Organization from theory to practice. Shift left is one concept but it is comprised of multiple strategies which include End-to-End Automation as well as a Service and Backend Catalog.

Our Backend Catalog abstracts repetitive, high-level functions and enables the work to be performed by fewer, less expensive resources with reduced time to task.

Imagine a front-end tool that combines incredible power with an elegantly simple user interface that automates everyday IT functions.

Our tool insulates your service and support staff from the typical headaches of upgrading or replacing software because the interface they use to perform their tasks remains consistent.

Now the goal of moving an error-prone manual process from an expensive skilled resource to lower-cost unskilled labor can be realized while quickly obtaining higher quality results. Adoption of a “Shift Left” strategy optimizes the steady state of Service Delivery.

Prorizon’s Dynamic Service Engine provides you the insight and tools to enable your IT Organization to quickly and successfully Shift Left.

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