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Click here, enter data, find the next field, click there enter more data repeat until you’re ready to click Save. Ooops, did I enter the data in the correct format? Okay, find the next function and start again.

Sound familiar!

This is how maintenance on a traditional web portal works.

By contrast Dynamic Service Engine is head and shoulders above tools like the native Microsoft Office 365 cloud management portal. Input to your functions is structured and controlled to make your outputs exactly what you expect. Then you can string as many functions together in a Task Sequence as desired.

Take the example onboarding Task Sequence below. With as little as the first and last name of a new employee found in the HR system, his network ID and Office 365 accounts (including other core application accesses) are set up as well as a laptop is scheduled to be delivered just before he starts work. Of course all the actions can be recorded as tickets in your ITSM system for auditing in addition to all the built in DSE audit tracking.

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