How It Works

Dynamic Service Engine is easy to setup and implement. In the Task Engine section the administrator uses the pre-configured Task Templates to populate the Task Library. Tasks can then be organized into sequences to accomplish a function within the organization. Tasks and Task Sequences can be reused as often as desired

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Next in the Catalog Administration section the admin will create Categories, Filter Tag Groups and Filter Tags. Catalog items are created and assigned to each of these groupings which allow an end user to easily search for Catalog Items for the functions they want to execute (e.g. password reset).

Under the Approval Administration section Users are defined. They may be assigned to one or more Groups. Then one or more Groups may be assigned to a Level Blocks which are ultimately assigned to Workflows. These Workflows are then assigned to Catalog Items as necessary to ensure functions are not executed without proper authorization.

Finally the Global Configuration section is used to setup default workflows, manage user authentications and the look and feel of the webpages.