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Simply put DSE reduces the time, complexity, and cost of the work you perform everyday while simultaneously increasing the accuracy and consistency of completed tasks. It enables you to move work from highly skilled (compensated) administrators to lower skilled employees or even to end users to perform self-service reducing your cost while increasing customer satisfaction. This frees up your highly skilled resources to work higher value add activities.
Our technology is a highly configurable Service Catalog\Admin Panel enabling you to easily customize the system the way you need to reduce data entry and eliminate redundant tasks. An Approval Workflow Engine enables you to put "two in a box" for quality assurance or to offer the interface directly to your end users for self-service.

Our Task Template Library enables you to easily configure tasks and string them together into different task sequences (automated workflows) reducing the number of steps it takes to complete your work. DSE even comes with a REST Web Service enabling you to fully automate your onboarding and offboarding processes both in Active Directory, Azure AD and Office 365. Our Global Advisor provides visibility to the Dashboards and Reports you require to securely and cost effectively manage your environment.
DSE was designed from the start to be Mobile Device Friendly and will work with any device capable of running a browser. The rendering of the website will reformat for the screen size of your device enabling you to easily perform work while you are on the go.
Often tasks need to be replicated that are not in the areas of Active Directory, Azure AD and Office 365. Dynamic Service Engine is designed to manage the execution of PowerShell Scripts, Perl Scripts, executables and SSH commands. Therefore applications can be manipulated, data retrieved and equipment functions controlled. Even better, DSE manages all the error processing, “State Management” and task scheduling so scripts/executables are smaller and faster to develop.