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About US

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Founded in 1992, Prorizon Corporation is now recognized as a leading Procurement Service Provider (PSP) in the US and in more than 30 countries worldwide. Supply & Demand Chain Magazine recently rated us as one of the "Top 100" procurement companies in the nation.

Our Mission:
We turn Procurement into a Competitive Asset!

I've built Prorizon around a core set of principles:

  1. deliver a flexible solution to maximize our customer's productivity and
  2. reduce their costs by at least 20%.

My staff and I are committed to creating a true partnership with you to achieve this value. It's a fundamental difference in mindset from any other vendors in the supply chain space.

That's why we don't price our solution as high as the market will bear. And that's why, unlike our competitors, we never over-promise solutions that attempt massive changes and then under-deliver on the items you need most. And, we never force-fit our approach to your situation.

Flexibility is the key in achieving fast deployment with minimum impact to your organization. Prorizon's system is built to conform to the way you already do business. We partner with you to create a system that truly accomplishes your most important goals. And then, we deliver a tailored solution... not in years, but within a few weeks of project approval. Our typical installations range from 30 to 90 days depending on your interface requirements.

The system is designed to get the job done with the fewest number of steps, keystrokes and screens. Consequently, you are able to continue to do business your way, with minimal disruption. Your existing staff can quickly adapt to the system with no extensive retraining.

Your staff will also love having our Prorizon Procurement Specialists available to provide them with real live human support... online, on-the-phone or in-person. As your partner in the procurement process, we pride ourselves on being able to support you and provide you with exceptional service!

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions.

“Consequently, you're able to continue to do business your way, with minimal disruption. You maintain total control of your vendor selection.”